The Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation™

Breast augmentation surgery has the potential to greatly improve self-image and quality of life. Women who are self-conscious about small or overly asymmetric breasts usually find the procedure extremely gratifying. The same is true for women who lost breast volume following pregnancy.

Among plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation can be especially challenging. The three dimensional nature of breasts, combined with the need to change their position and shape in addition to size, makes all breast surgery a complex undertaking.

Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation

We find that people coming for breast augmentation are seeking to improve not only their appearance but their overall lifestyle. They want to look better and feel better. They want to wear elegant clothes which might have intimidated them in the past because they lacked cleavage.

To meet out patients' goals, we looked to our neighbors here on Rodeo Drive. We worked with these boutique managers and style makers to better understand the breast and body shapes that best fit into fashionable clothing. We also worked with them to understand the various fashion styles for women of different ages and body proportions. In each breast augmentation procedure, we not only address breast size, but also their shape and position. This way, your new breasts match your body to create a harmonious and flattering overall shape.

Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation photos by Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, results may vary

With all this in mind, our Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation™ customizes your breast augmentation to an unusual degree. Based on your goals, body type, and our knowledge of fashion, we might recommend either saline or silicone implants of different sizes, shapes, and profiles. Rather than having a fixed surgeon preference for placing implants either above or below the muscle, we customize our approach to your specific needs. We also use a variety of incision locations based on similar individualized considerations.

Our goal is for your Beverly Hills breast augmentation to create the size and shape that will allow you to look good, feel comfortable, and give you the widest options for wearing all types of fashionable clothing. Our Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation™ works to go beyond simply increasing the size of your breasts.

For more information about Beverly Hills breast augmentation please contact this Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at 310-550-6300 or email us.


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